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Are you in a position where women look to you for health and wellness advice? Women’s health is complicated, and there is a ton of information out there. As a woman, I get it! Fortunately, my career path as a doctor of pharmacy has allowed me to study a more holistic approach to wellness, and I am passionate about sharing it with other women. I consider 4 things to be at the center of wellness. So here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Hormone Health
  2. Genetic Predisposition
  3. Nutrition Detoxification
  4. Adrenal Health

I would love to speak to whoever your group of ladies may be and share what I have learned about the topics above (and more) over the last several years of studying, teaching and implementing a more holistic and natural approach to wellness.

If you’d like me to speak and educate women on wellness at your next private event, call 225-425-7962 or email hello@syncwellness.com to inquire. Talk soon!