Take a look around our new Website!

Category : News | October 11, 2018

Take a look around our new Website!

Sync Strategies and Supplements has a new website!

Sync is a concierge service for wellness consultations and professional grade supplements based in Baton Rouge. We have a highly trained Pharmacist at the helm – Angie Huff – who will help you reach your wellness goals through exceptional personal service.

Take a look into what new features Sync’s website has to offer:

1. A Blog!

This one is obvious as you are currently viewing one of the features we are most excited about – our blog! In addition to getting some great tips for how to feel better in your every day, we will also be sharing our knowledge in the form of articles and recipes and more.

2. A Very Detailed Breakdown of Our Most-Asked-About Conditions

Under the section for some of the common health conditions we see, we have answered many of the questions we are often asked about these conditions including:

  • How does the condition affect us
  • What causes it
  • What are some common signs and symptoms
  • What are some facts you need to know about it
  • What are the ways you can prevent it
  • What types of treatment plans we usually recommend

Interested in finding out more? Visit our Conditions We Improve pages.

3. Answers to our most asked questions

We included a list of commonly asked questions such as: “What can I take for insomnia?” “Are there supplements to help with my fatigue?” “When should I have my hormones tested?” and more! If you have a question that you don’t see answered, Ask Angie here!