Walk into a chain pharmacy, supermarket or big box store and you see them: rows and rows of supplements. It can be overwhelming! It can also be a waste of time and money. The garden variety supplements you see on store shelves don’t have the level of quality that’s truly required to improve your health and wellness. At Sync, we break through the noise by guiding you to only professional grade supplements that fit your specific needs.


The right supplements should be part of everyone’s overall health routine. The stresses and demands of modern life take their toll on our bodies and deplete our stores of nutrients. Even if we eat well, it’s difficult to absorb the proper balance of nutrients to keep us healthy and strong because our food system produces foods that are low in phytonutrients. High quality, professional grade supplements can close the gap.


Why you should be very cautious when choosing supplements.

While there’s no end of supplements sold today, a large number of them are substandard. Mass market brands are considered food grade supplements, meaning they’re merely ingestible for humans. Because these supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, there’s no guarantee that you’re actually getting what the label says, especially if you shop by cost alone. A recent study conducted by a Canadian research group found that 60% of familiar store brand supplements had incorrect labeling, and more than 50% of those tested didn’t contain the ingredients advertised.

At Sync, we carry only professional grade supplements. These supplements have been produced under the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Processes (CGMP), and they contain what their labels say they contain.


Supplements you can trust.

Quality professional grade supplements are significantly more effective at addressing your health concerns than lower grade supplements. Why? Because they aren’t diluted with fillers, additives, allergens and contaminants. Instead, they contain the pure supplement, allowing your body to absorb the real thing at a higher and more efficient rate. You get what you pay for with supplements. You may spend a little more on professional grade, but you’ll see and feel the results.

We spend a lot of time vetting professional grade supplement manufacturers, and we are proud of offer Metagenics, Douglas Labs, Designs for Health, Xymogen and 2RT Labs.



Your Licensed Doctor of Pharmacy


You will feel the difference.

Any time we do something to address a health concern, we should do it thoughtfully and comprehensively. Sync’s team, led by veteran pharmacist Angie Huff, understands the importance of prescribing supplements in the context of a client’s overall health regimen, including current prescriptions. Rather than grab a lower grade supplement off the shelf that could react with current medications, let a trained pharmacist create a tailored plan for you that will enable supplements to address your health issues and wellness goals safely and effectively.