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  • Multy Max Men Plus

    Multy Max Men Plus contains a comprehensive mix of essential vitamins and minerals to support men’s health. Each bottle contains 30 packets of high- quality broad coverage supplements, including Essential Multi, Omega Pure EPA-DHA 500, Testro Balance, Zinc Pro, and His Vitality. An extensive body of clinical research has demonstrated the efficacy of Multy Max Men Plus to:

    • Support healthy testosterone and androgen balance
    • Support cognitive function and balanced mood
    • Support energy production and vitality
    • Support healthy gastrointestinal integrity and permeability
    • Support healthy cellular metabolism
    • Support healthy hormone, immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular function


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  • Vityl Immunity

    Vityl Immunity is an all-natural immune support formula for adults, containing patented Wellmune® and FiberAid®. Wellmune® is a natural yeast beta-glucan derived from the cell wall of a highly purified, proprietary strain of baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). A large body of clinical research suggests that Wellmune® can help support your natural immune responses and provide protection from health challenges arising from physical and lifestyle stress.

    FiberAid® is a patented form of larch arabinogalactan, a potent type of dietary fiber found in larch trees.  Research findings suggest that larch arabinogalactan can assist immune function by promoting healthy gut microbes (which are important for immune health).

    Proper immune function is crucial in adults, especially as we age into our later years. Vityl Immunity is a great way to help you get the beta-glucan and larch arabinogalactan you need for healthy immune function.


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  • Fish Oil 1000

    Fish Oil 1000 is a super-concentrated and purified fish oil supplement containing evidence-based doses of the key omega-3 essential fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in triglyceride form. An extensive body of clinical research has demonstrated the efficacy of supplemental EPA and DHA for: 1-4

    • Healthy cardiovascular function
    • Healthy immune function
    • Musculoskeletal support
    • Skin vitality
    • Cognitive support
    • EuroFins batch tested for over 450 potential contaminants
    • Triglyceride form


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  • Opty-Chol

    SYNC Wellness has a new formula to support healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range, Opty-Chol. This
    innovative formula provides sustained-release nutrients to support the cardiovascular system.

    Supplementation with Opty-Chol may include these

    Supports healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range

    Promotes healthy blood lipid levels already in a normal range

    Supports cardiovascular function


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