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SYNC Packs

SYNC Packs services offered in Baton Rouge, LA

Our personalized vitamin packs, aka our SYNC packs, are an easy and convenient way to get a balanced supply of essential vitamins and minerals every day. At SYNC, a premier holistic wellness center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Doctor of Pharmacy Angie Huff,  Jenny Theriot, NP, and Dr Tammy Dupuy, MD, IFM-C lead a team that creates personalized supplement plans based on your micronutrient and genetic testing results. SYNC packs contain only professional-grade supplements manufactured to the most rigorous standards to ensure that you have the nutrients you need to function at your best. Book your discovery appointment online or call the office today. 

SYNC Packs

What are SYNC packs?

SYNC packs are prepackaged supplement packs that contain professional-grade vitamins and minerals. At SYNC, the team offers SYNC packs to demystify and simplify the supplement-taking process. 

SYNC packs are customized, with each pack containing the specific supplements you need to be your healthiest. 

When might I need SYNC packs? 

SYNC packs can help you get a balanced supply of essential vitamins and nutrients every day. While nearly anyone can benefit from SYNC packs, many patients wonder how the SYNC team determines the vitamins and nutrients they need, the specific dosages, and how often to take the supplements. 

That’s where the extensive testing protocols come in. SYNC recommends two main types of testing:

Cellular nutrition assay 

The cellular nutrition assay measures your body’s levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, carbohydrate metabolism, metabolites, total antioxidant function, and immune response. 

Genetic test

Genetic testing looks at what makes your body unique on a deep cellular level. It assesses your nutrient needs, fitness strengths, ideal weight, risk of chronic conditions, and stress responses.

Combining these tests gives you valuable information about what your body needs nutritionally, how your body works, how you can prevent disease, and how you can achieve your best health ever. 

What are the benefits of SYNC packs?

SYNC packs offer a variety of impressive advantages, including: 

  • Customized: Optimal nutrient balance based on your body’s individual needs
  • Convenience: Take exactly what you need, without organizing bottles
  • Cost-effective: Cheaper than buying large bottles of every vitamin you need
  • Optimal absorption: SYNC supplements have the highest bioavailability
  • Reduced toxicity risk: Take only the dose that’s safe and effective for you
  • Easy to remember: Simply take your SYNC pack as part of your daily routine

Perhaps the biggest advantage of SYNC packs is that getting an ideal balanced blend of vitamins and minerals every day can improve your overall health. It reduces your risk of nutrient deficiencies and supports optimal body function. 

When added to a healthy diet and lifestyle, SYNC packs can give you a major boost in general health and wellness. You can also add other types of personalized care, like intravenous (IV) therapy or the weight loss program, to optimize your health.

If you’re ready to learn more about how SYNC packs can accelerate your journey to maximum health, call SYNC or click the online scheduler to arrange your discovery consultation now.