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Professional-Grade Supplements

Professional-Grade Supplements

Professional-Grade Supplements services offered in Baton Rouge, LA

Professional-grade supplements are manufactured to meet the most rigorous standards to ensure you’re getting the purest, safest, and most effective vitamins and minerals. At SYNC in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the team, headed up by Doctor of Pharmacy Angie Huff, PharmD, and Jenny Theriot, NP, specializes in customized supplement plans. The right professional-grade supplements can help you correct imbalances, fight illness, and optimize your whole-body health. Are you ready to learn more about professional-grade supplements and how they can help you? Call SYNC or click online scheduling to arrange your discovery consultation today.

What are professional-grade supplements?

Professional-grade supplements are pure and highly potent dietary supplements that you can get only from health care professionals. These premium supplements are formulated for general health and wellness, prevention of chronic disease, and treatment of specific health conditions. 

What are the benefits of professional-grade supplements?

Professional-grade supplements offer many benefits, including: 


At SYNC, the team offers professional-grade supplements that are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards to ensure that they’re pure and free from contaminants. 

Optimal dosages

Professional-grade supplements are formulated with precise dosages of active ingredients, providing the exact amount of nutrients that drive optimal health and wellness. 


Professional-grade supplements have a demonstrated history of treating specific health concerns and improving whole-body health and wellness. 


SYNC offers SYNC packs, customized packets of supplements tailored to the needs of individual patients. Your SYNC packs have your name on them because they contain the ideal vitamins and minerals for your body, set at the optimal dosages. 


SYNC packs can be quite cost-effective because they don’t require you to buy a mountain of supplement bottles. Your time is valuable, too, and by taking your professional-grade supplements in SYNC packs, you don’t have to spend precious minutes portioning out supplements every week.

With all of these advantages, there’s no doubt that professional-grade supplements offer a dependable and effective path to better health and wellness.

Which professional-grade supplements do I need? 

The team helps you determine which specific supplements you need through a cellular nutrition assay (micronutrient testing) and genetic testing. These tests evaluate your body’s unique needs on a deep cellular level to determine the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other supplements you need. 

You also discuss your personal health and wellness goals with the team so they can prescribe the SYNC packs that can help you reach new heights. 

What can help me get the best results from supplements?

Professional-grade supplements are a key aspect of your overall health and wellness plan, so the SYNC team provides personalized support to help you get the most from them.  

Lifestyle counseling and weight loss support are both helpful for many patients on their health journey. SYNC also offers innovative holistic treatments like intravenous (IV) therapy, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, peptides, NAD+, and intramuscular (IM) shots to help you feel your best.

Want to learn more about supplements? Call SYNC or click the online scheduler to book your discovery consultation now.