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IM Shots

IM Shots

IM Shots services offered in Baton Rouge, LA

Intramuscular (IM) shots deliver vitamins, minerals, and other substances directly to your muscles for efficient absorption. At SYNC, Doctor of Pharmacy Angie Huff, PharmD, and Jenny Theriot, NP, lead a team of holistic medicine providers who offer a variety of IM shots conveniently in their Baton Rouge, Louisiana, office. Call the office or book your discovery consultation using the online booking link today.

What are intramuscular (IM) shots?

IM shots target muscle tissue. At SYNC, the experienced team uses a slim needle to administer vitamins and other beneficial substances in the most efficient way, directly into your muscle. 

What are the benefits of IM shots?

IM shots can treat specific health concerns and enhance general wellness. Potential benefits include:

Improved immune function

Vitamins and minerals, such as B12 and vitamin C, can improve your overall immunity and support your recovery when you’re ill. 

Improved energy and fatigue relief

Vitamins like B12 and B complex can relieve fatigue, help you push through a slump, and keep you energized. 

Improved metabolism

Boosting your metabolism can be a major part of weight loss. Shots with ingredients like inositol, choline, and methionine can help you break down fat, speed up your metabolism, and reduce your appetite. 

Appearance enhancement

IM injections with glutathione (the mother of antioxidants) can brighten your skin, clear free radicals, and help detox your body. Biotin injections can promote healthy hair, nails, and skin.

Further, IM injections offer general health benefits by restoring optimal nutrient levels and correcting deficiencies. 

Are IM shots better than subcutaneous injections?

Due to the rich blood supply that feeds your muscles, IM shots are absorbed faster than subcutaneous injections, which go into fatty tissue beneath the skin. Additionally, many shots are most effective in muscles, which can hold more volume than fatty tissue. 

For these reasons, the intramuscular approach is the method of choice for everything ranging from vaccinations to vitamin injections. However, a few types of injections should be given subcutaneously, including insulin, fertility drugs, and blood thinners.

How often should I schedule IM shots?

The SYNC team recommends IM shots every two weeks for most patients. Regular IM shots combine with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and ample hydration to give you well-rounded whole-body health and wellness.

Can IM shots work alongside other treatments?

IM shots can work quite effectively in tandem with other wellness approaches. For example, for a supercharged dose of vitamins, you can have both IM injections and intravenous (IV) therapy. 

Depending on your goals, the SYNC team can recommend other treatments as well, such as hormone optimization, infrared sauna, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and professional-grade supplements, to lead you to success.

To learn more about IM shots and their benefits, call SYNC or click the online scheduler now.