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Hormone Optimization

Hormone Optimization

Hormone Optimization services offered in Baton Rouge, LA

Hormone optimization can restore energy, improve mood, and boost sex drive, among many other beneficial effects. At SYNC, the premier holistic health practice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the team of experts led by Doctor of Pharmacy Angie Huff, PharmD, and Jenny Theriot, NP, offers highly customized hormone optimization for each patient’s unique situation and goals. To learn more about hormone optimization through a discovery consultation, call the office or click online scheduling now.

What is hormone optimization?

Hormone optimization is a medical treatment that balances your body’s hormones to improve health and wellness. The treatment can effectively relieve hormone imbalance symptoms like fatigue, reduced libido, weight gain, and mood swings. 

There are many methods of hormone optimization, including medication, professional-grade supplements, bio-idnetical hormone replacement, dietary changes, and lifestyle modifications.

When might I need hormone optimization? 

You might need hormone optimization if you’re experiencing disruptive symptoms of hormone imbalance, such as:

  • Low libido or other sexual difficulties
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Poor sleep 
  • Brain fog
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Hormone imbalance can affect both men and women. Symptoms commonly start in middle age but can affect you as early as your 20s or much later in life as well. 

While “sex hormones” like estrogen (for women) and testosterone (for men) are often the cause of hormone imbalance, the human body has at least 50 different hormones that could contribute to your symptoms. 

A common example is thyroid hormone imbalance, which occurs in conditions like hypothyroidism and causes many metabolic effects like fatigue and weight gain. 

What are the benefits of hormone optimization?

Hormone optimization offers many beneficial effects, including: 

  • Energy: Regulation of energy metabolism 
  • Mood: Regulation of mood and emotional well-being
  • Sex drive: Regulation of sexual function and desire
  • Sleep: Improved sleep-wake cycle
  • Metabolism: Boosted metabolism, reduced weight gain, and weight loss 
  • Immune function: Boosted immune system function to fight illness
  • Autoimmune disease: Reduced severity of inflammatory conditions 
  • Cognitive function: Regulation of brain health to improve memory, focus, and function
  • Bone health: Improved bone density and reduced risk of osteoporosis

Always consult with the experienced SYNC team to determine if hormone optimization is appropriate for your individual needs and to discuss potential risks or side effects. 

How do I know which hormones I need for hormone optimization?

SYNC uses a comprehensive panel of tests  to determine which hormones you lack and which ones might require adjusting for optimal health and wellness. 

Testing paints a detailed picture of what your body needs, so the SYNC team can recommend a hormone treatment plan that’s ideal for you. After you start hormone treatment, the team monitors you closely and adjusts your plan as needed. 

To learn more about how hormone optimization can enhance your quality of life, call SYNC or book your discovery consultation through online scheduling now.