Multy Max Men Plus


Multy Max Men Plus contains a comprehensive mix of essential vitamins and minerals to support men’s health. Each bottle contains 30 packets of high- quality broad coverage supplements, including Essential Multi, Omega Pure EPA-DHA 500, Testro Balance, Zinc Pro, and His Vitality. An extensive body of clinical research has demonstrated the efficacy of Multy Max Men Plus to:

  • Support healthy testosterone and androgen balance
  • Support cognitive function and balanced mood
  • Support energy production and vitality
  • Support healthy gastrointestinal integrity and permeability
  • Support healthy cellular metabolism
  • Support healthy hormone, immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular function


How Multy Max Men Plus Works

Omega Pure provides ample amounts of EPA, DHA, and other omega-3 essential fatty acids imperative for optimal health and wellness. Clinical evidence shows that DHA and EPA are some of the strongest natural promoters of a healthy cardiovascular system and supporters of healthy immune function. 1,2

Essential Multi features a comprehensive proprietary blend of potent herbal extracts rarely found in the diet and essential to optimal health and longevity. 3,4,5 A patented B vitamin complex, BioFolate®, contains biologically active folate ensuring proper absorption essential for healthy cellular functions.

Testro Balance provides bioavailable micronutrients, polyphenols, phytosterols, and key herbal extracts to support testosterone and androgen balance in the body. Proper testosterone balance is key for supporting healthy mood, libido, vitality, energy levels, and reproductive processes. 6,7,8,9

Zinc Pro features bioavailable chelated zinc arginate and zinc glycinate. The chelation process bonds zinc with amino acids to enhance absorption and support intestinal permeability. 10,11 Zinc is present in metalloenzymes, playing key roles in many bodily tissues, modifying gene expression, supporting healthy cell membranes, supporting immune function, and promoting reproductive health. 12

His Vitality supports balanced male hormones for increased libido, energy, and mood. Herbal ingredients work synergistically to promote healthy testosterone balance and support healthy blood circulation. 13,14,15 The included adaptogens provide herbal  support for adrenal functions and the body’s reaction to stressors to support energy and mood. 16,17,18

Why Use Multy Max Men Plus?

Research cited herein suggests that supplementation with Multy Max Men Plus can help promote overall health and well-being by supporting the health needs specific to men, such as healthy testosterone and androgen balance.


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