Immune Vygor


Immune Vygor combines Eastern and Western ingredients to support the body’s natural defense systems by enhancing immunity. Vitamins, trace elements, and bioactive compounds provide the micronutrients and beta-glucans essential to support healthy immune function. 1,2


How Immune Vygor Works

Immune Vygor combines vitamins C, D, and niacin with trace elements zinc and selenium to create a product with potent immune support. 3,4 To further support healthy immune function, a proprietary blend of various extracts of mushrooms traditionally found in Eastern medicine has been included in Immune Support. 5

The micronutrients in Immune Vygor help to support the body from free radicals and enhance cellular immunity. 1 Vitamin C and zinc work together to support from free radical insult. Cellular immunity is supported by the combination of vitamin D, niacin, zinc, and selenium. 1

While mushrooms have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries to support immunity, recent clinical studies reveal their bioactive potential and health-promoting properties. 6  Specifically, the beta-glucans bound to amino acids are bioactive molecules that support immune function. 7,8  Research further shows that mushrooms provide exceptional nutritional efficacy in supporting a healthy immune system. 9

Immune Vygor Supplementation

Clinical evidence shows that supplementing with vitamins C, D, and niacin as well as trace elements zinc and selenium may support immune functioning. 1 Centuries of using mushrooms for their beneficial properties and modern clinical evidence reveal their potent ability to support a healthy immune system. 5

The research cited herein shows that supplementation with Immune Vygor may help:

  • Support overall immunity
  • Support the body from oxidative stress and free radical insult
  • Provide micronutrients and bioactive compounds essential for healthy immune function


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