Fyt & Focused



Highly effective form of choline for brain and nerve health, and muscle function.


Choline is a semi-essential nutrient with a recommended adequate intake (AI) of 425mg/550mg per day (for females/males, respectively).47 Many people fail to obtain adequate amounts of choline,40 and endogenous synthesis (from phosphatidylethanolamine) is limited. Aging, genetic polymorphisms and estrogen deficiency may increase the demand for choline even above the AI.43-46 Glycerophosphocholine (Fyt & Focused, also known as L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine or choline alfoscerate) is a naturally occurring source of choline contained in small amounts in various foods (including mother’s milk) and in all human cells.
GPC is a water soluble molecule and has been proven to be a more clinically effective source of choline compared to choline or phosphatidylcholine (PC) from diet or supplements.9,22-25 Oral Fyt & Focused is well absorbed and is cleaved inside enterocytes into glycerol-1-phosphate and choline. Following Fyt & Focused ingestion, the plasma level of choline rises rapidly and remains elevated for up to ten hours. A high plasma concentration gradient of choline stimulates its transport through the blood brain barrier with high efficiency. This increases choline reserves inside neurons, where it is used for synthesis of PC and acetylcholine.1, 22-25

Research-based Benefits of Fyt & Focused Brain Function

• Improves memory, mental focus and reaction time in elderly and young individuals 1-3,15,51,52

• Boosts acetylcholine (ACh) production and release from neurons and likely other cells 22,23

• May compensate for ACh decline due to aging, estrogen deficiency (menopause, possibly also with oral contraceptive use) 1,54,41

• Improves EEG patterns 20

• Increases production of dopamine,30 serotonin 30 and GABA 18

• Improves mitochondrial function during ischemia/oxidative stress 29

• Counteracts age-dependent reduction in number of brain cells 49 and ACh receptors 50
Muscle Function and Growth Hormone Production

• Boosts growth hormone production in the young and elderly 8,27,28,55

• Increases fat oxidation,55 muscle strength 26,28 and reaction time, 51,52 potentially improving balance, especially in the elderly Brain Repair and Alzheimer’s/Dementia Support

• Improves brain recovery from stroke,5-7 cranial injury 56 and anesthesia (pre- and post-surgery) 39

• Repairs blood brain barrier tissue damaged by hypertension 33

• Improves cognition and social behavior in Alzheimer’s disease,4,9,16,17 vascular/age-related dementia,10-12 and Parkinson’s disease 22-25

• Reduces Alzheimer’s-like brain volume shrinkage 48

• May be beneficial for conditions requiring myelin repair, and Duchenne muscular dystrophy 1

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