De-Stressify is a comprehensive formula featuring key herbal extracts that help support healthy adrenal gland function and now also contains calming ashwagandha. Estimates suggest that over 65% of adults deal with some form of chronic stress, which may lead to feelings of fatigue and general weakness. This is where the nutrients in De-Stressify can help by supporting healthy adrenal gland function and mood.


How De-Stressify Works

The foundation ingredients of the De-Stressify formula are high-potency extracts of rhodiola root, cordyceps, and Asian ginseng root. The updated formula now also contains ashwagandha known for its calming properties and support of healthy stress response. The herbal formula broadly acts as an adaptogen in the body by modulating the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis—a unique component of the neuroendocrine system. The HPA axis is how the body controls stress response, primarily by secreting catecholamines and glucocorticoids (especially cortisol).


Ashwagandha supports healthy stress response due to its adaptogenic activity and calming effect. 1,2 Ashwagandha contains constituents such as withanolides, sitoindosides, and alkaloids that have a calming effect and support a healthy response to oxidative stress. 1,2

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a perennial flowering plant containing an adaptogenic compound known as salidroside (found primarily in the rhizome of the plant). Research demonstrates that salidroside supports healthy stress- induced cortisol secretion, and this may be beneficial for supporting stress-related fatigue. 3


The cordyceps mushroom has been used for over six centuries in Asian cultures for supporting immune  function, stamina, libido, and a variety of other vital  biological processes. The primary bioactive constituents of cordyceps include cordycepin and its derivatives, polysaccharides, and ergosterol. Research suggests that these compounds support healthy adrenal function and thus promote healthy stress and anti-fatigue functions in the human body. 4

Asian Ginseng

Asian ginseng is one of the most prestigious herbs in traditional Chinese medicine due to its profile of  saponins known as ginsenosides. The past several decades of research has shown that ginsenosides from Panax ginseng have a vast range of biological activities, including anti-aging activity, supporting blood glucose already within the healthy range, promoting healthy  immune and neuron functions, and more. 5

Asian ginseng is regarded as a potent adaptogenic herb as evidence suggests it supports a healthy HPA axis response to stress. 6

Why Use Stress Essentials Balance?

Research cited herein suggests that the herbal extracts in De-Stressify play pivotal roles in modulating the HPA axis and promote a healthy response to stress. In turn, these nutrients can help promote healthy adrenal function and support balanced stress-related fatigue.

De-Stressify Supplementation

The most pertinent research-backed benefits of supplementation with De-Stressify may include:

  • Helps promote healthy adrenal function
  • Supports healthy stress response
  • Supports stress-related fatigue
  • Supports cognitive function and healthy mood


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