Clarity B



Clarity B is a comprehensive supplement formulated to provide support for stress response but also cognitive performance, central nervous system function, and cardiovascular health. 1,2,3 The full range of B vitamins are included to ensure maximum coverage for all ages and needs. The newly updated formula now contains vitamin B12 as hydroxocobalamin chloride and adenosylcobalamin.


How Clarity B Works

Each serving of Clarity B features an evidence-based dose from the comprehensive B vitamin family. The addition of bioactive vitamin B12 as hydroxocobalamin chloride and adenosylcobalamin is known to uniformly circulate in the blood for much longer than other forms of B12. 5 Clarity B contains all essential nutrients for promoting and supporting healthy cellular, metabolic and cognitive functions, as well as promoting normal and healthy enzymatic processes within the body. 2,3

In modern clinical applications, a comprehensive B vitamin is often used for supporting healthy stress response and cognitive performance. 1 Research also shows the beneficial effects of

Clarity B supplementation on the central nervous and cardiovascular system. 6,7

Research suggests that Clarity B supplementation works through several mechanisms, including cellular metabolism, neuronal communication, cell-membrane dynamics, and immune system signals. 8,9

B vitamin deficiency can be quite common, especially for the young and elderly, athletic individuals, vegetarians, and those  following a gluten-free diet. 10,11,12 Clarity B is complemented with vitamin C to help support overall health at the cellular level and with enzymatic production. 4

Clarity B Supplementation

The ingredients in Clarity B are dosed in a manner that is congruous with what research suggests to be effective and safe, particularly for supporting stress response, cognitive performance, central nervous system function, and cardiovascular health. Clinical evidence and research cited herein shows that the ingredients in Clarity B may:

  • Support healthy stress response and mood
  • Support cognitive performance
  • Support healthy central nervous system function
  • Support healthy cardiovascular function


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