Bone Thryve



Bone Thryve is a natural dietary supplement formulated with microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate (as patented MCH-CalTM), providing bioavailable calcium and phosphorus for supporting bone function, bone integrity, healthy teeth, and other physiological processes. 1 This supplement takes the original Bone Support formula to a new level with the inclusion of vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) as well as ipriflavone to support bone mineral density, promote new bone formation, and encourage healthy calcium absorption.


Clinical research cited herein suggests the benefits of Bone Thryve supplementation may include:

• Supports bone function and integrity
• Supports new bone formation
• May reduce the risk of bone loss
• Supports healthy teeth
• Supports healthy calcium levels and absorption
• Supports healthy vitamin D status

How Bone Thryve Works

Bone Thryve is formulated with the optimal form of calcium for the body, from MCH-CalTM. 4 Bones contain more calcium than any other organ in the human body (about 99% of the calcium in the body is stored in bones). MCH-CalTM not only contains the optimal calcium for bones, but also bone growth factors and peptides, such as collagen. In turn, it’s suggested that MCH-CalTM helps support osteoblasts (cells that promote bone growth) and osteocytes (bone cells). 2

In addition, Bone Thryve provides ipriflavone (7-isopropoxyisoflavone)—a synthetic isoflavone derivative that acts primarily to suppress bone resorption. Research suggests that ipriflavone can stimulate osteoblasts to form new bone and may reduce the risk of bone loss and fractures. 3,4 Ipriflavone is a registered treatment for improving bone health in many European countries and Japan. It also appears to be most effective when taken in conjunction with other bone-supporting nutrients, such as vitamin D3. 5

This formula also contains vitamin D3, which has synergistic actions with calcium and phosphorus for supporting bone mineral density and bone remodeling. 6

A recent scientific report based on food supply and food composition estimates that as much as 70% of the U.S. population is at risk of calcium deficiency. 1 Calcium deficiency, especially in older individuals, can significantly increase the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. Naturally, getting enough calcium every day is increasingly important as we age.

Why Use Bone Thryve?

The ingredients in Bone Thryve have been studied rather extensively over the past three decades, with findings showing they work in synergy to help support healthy calcium status, bone function, and bone integrity. Due to this, these ingredients are becoming more popular as alternative treatments in clinical applications.


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