SYNC is the science-based supplement regimen developed just for you. Everyone’s nutritional needs are different — sometimes radically different. To be at your best, supplements must address your body chemistry and your personal health goals.

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  • Core Collagyn

    Core Collagyn is an unflavored blend of collagen peptides to support healthy skin, bones, and joints. This concentrated dietary source of collagen is an excellent choice to support high protein intake with a host of health benefits.

    Key benefits of Core Collagyn include:

    • Promotes healthy skin appearance
    • Promotes healthy nails
    • Support for healthy joints
    • Support for healthy bones
    • Support for healthy ligaments and tendons


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    The Sync Supplement Pack, a customized vitamin regimen with convenient daily dosing packs delivered right to your door.

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  • Meta-Contayne

    Meta-Contayne is an intensive metabolic support formula that provides a wide array of vitamins, minerals and additional compounds to promote healthy blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. When biochemical pathways involved in the uptake and metabolism of glucose and other sugars (such as fructose or galactose) are normalized, the risk of classical diabetic complications (e.g., neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy, or damage to blood vessels or the pancreas) may also be reduced.


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  • Multy Max Women Plus

    Multy Max Women Plus provides comprehensive nutritional  support for overall female health. Each bottle contains 30 packets of high-quality broad coverage supplements including essential vitamins and minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, calcium, iron, and numerous antioxidant and immune supporting herbal formulas.

    Clinical research has demonstrated the efficacy of Multy Max Women Plus to:

    • Support overall health and longevity
    • Support balanced mood
    • Promote heart, bone, and eye health
    • Support healthy oxidative stress response
    • Promote healthy immune function
    • Support blood glucose already in the normal range


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