Sometimes, your body needs a little extra help to reach peak performance. With the use of IV therapy, you can quickly get the vitamins and nutrients your body needs in moments. Since we directly infuse the IV into your blood, the results are fast acting and you can feel the benefits working to help you. At SYNC Wellness, our selection of IV therapy offers a wide variety of benefits. From hangover relief to cognition-focused memory boosts, SYNC Wellness provides relief to help your body thrive when keeping up with your exciting lifestyle. 


Whatever it is you feel you are lacking, you can use IV therapy to crank the wellness process into hyper-speed. If you can avoid the drawn-out timeline of other options, why shouldn’t you? SYNC Wellness wants to help you feel better today with our IV therapy in Baton Rouge. You deserve to be the best you possible! 

The experts at SYNC Wellness passionately serve the Baton Rouge community, providing effortless and quick wellness solutions. You and a member of our wellness team can work together to figure out exactly how to reach your goal results from our services. If you have been feeling sluggish and tired, they may recommend our Energy Boost IV therapy. Or, if you are suffering from the aftermath of too much of a fun time, you may benefit from our Natural Hangover IV therapy. Whatever your specific needs may be, you are in safe hands with SYNC Wellness. Let us give you the vitamins and minerals you need to take the world by storm!


Founded by pharmacist Angie Huff in 2016, SYNC Wellness became the exclusive provider of professional-grade supplements directed by a pharmacist. We strive to help everyone who walks through our doors uncover the health issues holding them back. We work with our clients during a personal one-on-one functional wellness consult to discover the best wellness plan for them. With the help of SYNC Wellness’ personal service, science-based insights, and high-quality supplements, our patients discover a health-positive lifestyle capable of supporting a new, enhanced well-being.


If you need a body that can keep up the pace with your get-up-and-go lifestyle, our performance IV therapy options can help your body stay fueled. To cater to the unique needs of our clients, we offer a range of IV therapy focused on performance and recovery. 

Recover & Perform



Optimize Physical Performance & Improve Recovery from Exertion

B Complex, Vitamin C, Amino Acids, Minerals

Get Up & Geaux



Burn Fat, Feel Energized, & Boost Your Metabolism

B Complex, Vitamin B12, Amino Acids

Energy Boost



Restore Your Body to Peak Levels & Optimize Performance

B Complex, Vitamin C, Magnesium


When you aren’t feeling well, a quick recovery becomes your primary concern. IV Therapy with SYNC Wellness can help you return to your daily schedule feeling healthy and rested.

Ultimate Wellness



Supercharge Your Recovery & Maximize Your Wellness

Myers Cocktail

Immune Support



Boost Your Immune System & Feel Better Faster

B Complex, Vitamin C, Zinc

Ultimate Relief



Minimize Bloating, Irritability, Abdominal Pain & Lower Back Pain

Calcium, Magnesium, B Complex, Methylcobalamin(B12)

Simply Hydrate



Hydrate, Improve Energy, Restore Balance

Lactated Ringers


There is no reason to waste a day feeling terrible. Not while SYNC Wellness offers rapid and efficient recovery options that will have you feeling revived in no time.

Natural Hangover Relief



All Natural Relief From Fatigue, Headache, & Nausea

B Complex, Vitamin C, Minerals, Glutathione

Hangover Relief



Relief From Fatigue, Headache & Nausea

Ondansetron(Zofran), B Complex, Minerals


Sometimes when we aren’t feeling our best, all we need is a little boost to brighten both our skin and smiles! Let SYNC Wellness help your natural beauty shine inside and out with our IV Therapy focused on aesthetic wellness.

Beauty Glow



Fight Acne, Wrinkles and Tired Skin from the Inside Out

Vitamin C, B Complex, Minerals, Glutathione


When you need to rely on your brain to stay sharp, some people might not realize IV therapy gives you the option to boost your brain power with the help of vitamins and minerals. SYNC Wellness is ready to help you feel sharp as a tack with the memory of an elephant.

Memory Boost



Improve Memory & Cognition For Optimal Cognitive Performance

B Complex, L-Taurine, Alpha Lipoic Acid

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