What if getting a boost of nutrients for energy, immunity, or beauty was as quick and easy as a shot? At SYNC Wellness, you can amplify your health and beauty with our vitamin-infused injections! Nourish your body with fast-acting, nutrient-packed injections done in our office or at home.


Are you feeling tired? Need to rev up your metabolism to help with weight loss? Or maybe your immune system could use an extra kick to fight off seasonal allergies. We have solutions to these problems with vitamin injections in Baton Rouge!

No more questioning which vitamins are best for your needs, and no more clutter from endless plastic supplement bottles. Our specialists at SYNC Wellness can help you find the perfect vitamin blend for your needs, from our Nausea Relief injection to our Beauty Boost. Simply come by our wellness consultancy for your injection, or ask us more about our at-home injections. With a simple, painless injection, you can be in, out, and on your way to a healthier, happier you.


Vitamin injections help you find the boost you need without sacrificing your time, whether you have a full schedule or an open calendar! Choose one of our vitamin blends to not only give you the benefits of immediate rejuvenating results but also prevent long-term health concerns.

Vitamin deficiency is not uncommon. Many of our patients experience low levels of vitamin D and B12 to zinc and vitamin C. With a small vial of our vitamin complexes, you can get the rush of essential vitamins and minerals you need.

Once these vitamins are injected into your bloodstream, they are absorbed faster and more readily than traditional supplements or vitamin-rich foods. These vitamin injections can quickly help you find relief from an upset stomach, fatigue, and even dull skin.

Busy B

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Quick Boost when you’re fighting to push past that slump

B Complex, B12

Nausea Relief

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Relief from Nausea

Ondansetron (Zofran)

Beauty Boost

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Big Slug of Biotin to Promote Glowing Skin, Fabulous Hair and Healthy Nails


Skinny Shot

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Breakdown fat, Rev up your Metabolism, and Decrease your Appetite

Methionine, Inositol, Choline


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Powerful Immune Supporting Combination

Zinc, Vitamin C, Glutathione


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The Mother of Antioxidants- Brightens Skin, Clears Free Radicals and Helps Detox The Body


Vitamin B12

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Boost of Energy, Improve Mental Clarity and Improve your Mood


Vitamin C

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Optimize Immunity & Improve the Look of Your Skin

Vitamin C


Schedule your vitamin injections in Baton Rouge at SYNC Wellness. We recommend taking these wellness shots bi-weekly to help promote a healthier lifestyle. Pair these shots with ample hydration, a healthy diet, and regular exercise for well-rounded wellness! You can also use our vitamin injections in tandem with our menu of IV therapies for an even stronger dose of vitamins.

If you aren’t sure what vitamin injection is right for you or have questions about the recommended injections for the best results, Pharmacist Angie Huff can help you find the answers you need.


As a compound pharmacist, Angie Huff provides patients with science-backed solutions to their health and beauty goals. In her office, she offers personal wellness consulting for each patient to discover individualized treatment plans for their unique health concerns. With IV therapies, vitamin injections, high-quality supplements, and more, she helps patients in Baton Rouge and beyond feel better and brighter with ease!

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