Does Hangover IV Therapy Actually Work? | Baton Rouge
Does Hangover IV Therapy Actually Work?

Whether you’ve spent an evening out drinking with friends or had a few too many glasses of wine at home, there’s nothing worse than waking up the next day with the tell-tale signs of a hangover. You may feel dizzy, tired, and nauseated, and this often goes hand-in-hand with a headache and extra sensitivity to light and sound. But don’t worry—with hangover IV therapy in Baton Rouge, you can find relief, fast!

You may have heard of IV drip therapy before, but how can you be certain they actually work? Learn more about these treatments from SYNC Wellness in Baton Rouge and how they can help you knock your hangover to the curb.

How Does Hangover IV Therapy Work?

If you drink too much alcohol in one sitting, you’ll likely experience a hangover the next day. Dehydration, inflammation, and irritation of your stomach lining can all contribute to the common symptoms of a hangover. While drinking water and electrolyte-rich beverages can help to rehydrate the body and minimize your symptoms, the feeling of a hangover may last as long as 24 hours.

When you are searching for fast relief from a hangover, you may find yourself wondering: “Does hangover IV therapy actually work?” The answer is yes! With treatments developed by compound pharmacist Angie Huff—SYNC Wellness’s founder—you can sit back, relax, and let our IV drip therapies soothe away your symptoms.

Here’s How It Works

A complete hangover IV drip therapy requires 30 minutes to an hour. One of our licensed specialists administers an IV drip of curated vitamins and hydrating fluid. This vitamin cocktail drips directly into your bloodstream for fast-acting results. This therapy will leave you more hydrated, less fatigued, and with little to no sensitivity or nausea. To learn more about hangover IV therapy and what you can expect from your treatment, check out this helpful blog.

Hangover IV therapy in Baton Rouge from SYNC Wellness is a wonderful solution when alcohol leaves you feeling less than your best. But please note—while these treatments can help you recover from a hangover, they won’t target the other stresses that excess drinking can place on your body. Remember to drink responsibly!

With IV drip therapy treatments, you can speed up your recovery. And it’s as simple as relaxing at our SYNC Wellness clinic while our experts administer your IV treatment. If you would prefer to receive your treatment in the comfort of your own home, we can also bring our wellness treatments to you! Get in touch with us to learn more or schedule a home visit from a SYNC Wellness expert.

How SYNC Wellness Helps You Recover

Don’t spend your day fighting hangover symptoms. At SYNC Wellness, we offer two IV therapies for hangover recovery to help you feel revived and revitalized.

  • Our Natural Hangover Relief therapy blended with B complex vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, and glutathione naturally alleviates headaches, stomach upset, and tiredness.
  • Our Hangover Relief therapy of Ondansetron, B complex vitamins, and minerals delivers powerful relief from hangover symptoms.

And not only can these treatments help you feel better after a night of drinking, but they can also help prevent a hangover from occurring. By boosting your system with an IV of vitamins and minerals before heading out for drinks, you can ward off the side effects from one too many cocktails.

If you are interested in receiving one of our IV therapies in office or at home, reach out to SYNC Wellness today to schedule an appointment.

Visit SYNC Wellness for Hangover IV Therapy in Baton Rouge

Interested in IV drip treatments and hangover IV therapy in Baton Rouge? Reach out to us today! Give us a call at 225-425-SYNC (7962) with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Our clinic offers a wide range of products and services to help feel your best. Let us help you find the wellness tools you need!

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3 Reasons to Order Vitamins in Baton Rouge
3 Reasons to Order Vitamins

A significant element of maintaining a healthy body is balance. Similarly to a car, your body needs fuel for all the complex functions it performs daily. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy diet won’t always give your body everything it needs. Especially with how busy and fast-paced the world has become, we all need to put in the extra effort while caring for our health. Vitamins are a great and convenient solution with many benefits. Here are three reasons you should order vitamins in Baton Rouge from a trusted supplement retailer such as SYNC Wellness in Baton Rouge.

1. The Average American Is Vitamin Deficient

Despite the oversized diet of many Americans, there is a vitamin deficiency problem within the United States. Most Americans are simply not getting the nutrients their bodies need to perform well. In fact, countless studies have proven that many Americans are deficient in some areas of vitamins and nutrition. For example, this report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported nearly 10% of Americans were nutritionally deficient. 

However, your body cannot perform at its peak without the proper nutrition and vitamins. This can directly impact our health and how we feel each day. Luckily, vitamins can help fill the gaps in our diets by supplying the nutrients our bodies need. 

2. Buying Vitamins Can Help Address Direct Concerns

If you want to order vitamins in Baton Rouge, there are plenty you can choose from. In fact, SYNC Wellness has a large inventory of vitamins available for customers to order online to address their concerns. While you may not know the exact cause of your feelings, our vitamins are formulated to enhance health in several different areas. 

You can trust one of the few rare pharmacist-directed providers of professional-grade supplements in the entire Gulf South to supply the quality of supplements your body deserves. If you want a general supplement, our Her Essentials and His Essentials cover the center of wellness for men and women. 

However, if you want to investigate your specific concerns, we are sure our inventory will have something for your needs. To get you started, here are three of our most popular products. 

  • Vybrant Mind. This comprehensive vitamin and herbal formula is designed to support healthy brain function. If you are feeling mentally foggy and sluggish, this contains vital nutrients that aid in a healthy brain, including vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and magnesium. 
  • Multi Sync-Biotic. This is a probiotic supplement that features a seven-strain blend of probiotics. These seven strains of probiotics are some of the most popular and clinically supported probiotics for a healthy gut microbiome, inflammatory response, immune function, and aiding in a healthy bowel function and micronutrient and macronutrient digestion. 
  • Zinc 30. Zinc is helpful for many of the critical jobs our body performs on a daily basis. It is known to help with immune function, reproduction, healthy skin, and growth. 

3. You Can Order Customized Vitamins

One of the most popular products of SYNC Wellness is our personalized vitamin packs. Our customized package of daily vitamins is delivered right to your door. This is a convenient and personalized way to supply your body with nutrients and vitamins.

We understand how unique and special each and every person is. This is why we all have our individual nutritional needs. So, your vitamin regime should reflect that. And with the help of our experienced specialist, you can have a unique vitamin pack delivered right to your front door. 

Ready to Order Vitamins in Baton Rouge? SYNC Wellness Is Here to Help!

Angie Huff founded SYNC Wellness to bring easily available solutions for the health issues that hold people back. You should be able to get out there and enjoy life without paying for it physically later. We want to help you find a unique and personal solution for your needs. Order vitamins in Baton Rouge or visit us in person! If you have any questions, please call today to book an appointment at 225-425-SYNC (7962) or use our chat feature on our website. It’s time to help your body feel like its the best self. 

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8 Reasons Why Custom Vitamins Are Key to Healthy Aging
8 Reasons Why Custom Vitamins Are Key to Healthy Aging

As you age, you may need certain vitamins and minerals to help keep the body strong and functioning optimally. Supplements can be key to healthy aging! From promoting brain health and skin elasticity to helping round out your daily nutrients, taking daily vitamins can help protect your health as you age. Discover eight age-related health concerns, the benefits of supplementation, and how SYNC Wellness in Baton Rouge can create the perfect regimen of custom vitamins for you. 

1. Vitamins Improve the Quality of Aging Skin

Your skin is the first area to show visible signs of aging. You may notice wrinkles, dry skin, or even dark spots and sun damage as you grow older. Adding anti-aging vitamins into your diet can help to slow the development of these signs! 

Certain amino acids, vitamins, and compounds are essential to protecting your skin from the inside out. For example, antioxidant-rich vitamins like vitamin C can improve hydration and collagen formation as well as decrease inflammation throughout the body. Vitamin E is also an effective option for antiinflammation. Our specialist can help you find the right supplements to maintain hydrated, glowing skin.

2. You’re Likely Not Getting the Best Nutrient Intake from Food

As we age, it can become much more difficult to absorb the vitamins we need from our diet. This is due to a decrease in stomach acid over time, making the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients much more difficult. If you are not getting key vitamins each day, this can lead to osteoporosis, gastritis, fatigue, and other health concerns. Filling holes in your diet with custom vitamins can help prevent these issues and improve your overall wellness.

3. Custom Vitamins Can Strengthen Your Cardiovascular Health

Many age-related factors can affect your cardiovascular health. These can include changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and even heart size. To help promote a stronger, healthier heart and cardiovascular system, make sure to eat a balanced diet, stay moderately active, and maintain a healthy weight. And for daily supplementation, consider incorporating supplements like Co Q10, Magnesium, and L-Carnitine into your daily vitamin regimen. To make supplementation even simpler, visit SYNC Wellness in Baton Rouge for packs of custom vitamins to target heart health and more!

4. Your Eyesight Can Weaken Over Time

Daily strain may cause vision changes, especially if you spend extended amounts of time on computers or phone screens. As you age, you may notice blurriness or weakness in your eyesight. With SYNC Wellness custom vitamins, we can make sure you have the supplements you need to protect against eyesight deterioration. And rather than keeping individual bottles of vitamins and supplements, our vitamin packs can incorporate the daily vitamins you need into one convenient pack.

5. You May Experience Diminished Immune System Function 

Now more than ever, it is important to make sure your immune system is functioning properly to protect you from illness. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and supplementing with immune-boosting vitamins can help boost your immune system all year long! At SYNC Wellness, we offer a variety of vitamins and specially-formulated supplement blends to help give your immune system the additional protection it needs. Speak with our experts to determine which supplements you should be taking each day to strengthen your immunity.

6. Hair Loss Can Come With Age

There are many causes of age-related hair loss. This includes hormonal changes, heredity, and stress. These factors can lead to thinner hair, patchiness, hair loosening, and hair loss. In some conditions, hair loss can also be linked to nutritional deficiencies. Put preventative measures in place to protect your hair from age-related changes! Zinc is effective for warding off hair loss in both men and women. Vitamins A, B, C, and D can also promote healthier, fuller hair. Ask your SYNC Wellness specialist which vitamins to include in your daily supplement pack to promote stronger, fuller hair.

7. Vitamins Can Help Maintain Bone Strength

Age can affect bone mass and density, making them much more delicate. This also increases the risk of breaks, stiffness, and inflammation. Bone changes are especially common in postmenopausal women. Make sure to supplement with essential nutrients to protect your bone health as you age! While calcium is well-known for fortifying the bones, vitamins D and K can also help to strengthen brittle bones and prevent conditions such as osteoporosis. SYNC Wellness offers the essential vitamins you need as well as our special Meno-Myze supplements for balancing menopausal hormones. Learn the benefits of these vitamins for stronger, healthier bones.

8. You May Need a Boost in Brain Function

Age and oxidative stress from our environment affect our cognition. Take the first steps to protect your cognitive and mental health with vital nutrients! Vitamin E, vitamin B, and omega-3 fatty acids are just a few key nutrients to help protect the brain from inflammation, memory loss, oxidative stress, and degeneration. If you are searching for daily supplements to support vascular health in the brain, SYNC Wellness can take these health concerns into account when developing your essential wellness pack.

Find Your Perfect Blend of Custom Vitamins in Baton Rouge

Are you ready to find a daily supplement routine tailor-made just for you? SYNC Wellness in Baton Rouge offers SYNC Packs for an easy-to-use, preportioned daily regimen of custom vitamins. These convenient dosing packs are built with the vitamins and supplements you need for beautiful skin, healthy aging, improved bone strength, and more. Start with a consultation with compound pharmacist Angie Huff to determine the right vitamins for you. After determining the best supplements to include for your health goals, these will be delivered right to your door. You can trust that you are getting the best quality personalized to your individual needs!

Have questions about our SYNC Packs or want to discuss benefits and customization in person? Feel free to visit us in Baton Rouge. Or, give us a call at 225-425-SYNC (7962). We look forward to helping you find your perfect and personal solutions for daily wellness!

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IV Vitamin Therapy: The Science Behind the Treatment
IV Vitamin Therapy: The Science Behind the Treatment

For years, the popularity of vitamin IV therapy has grown as celebrities like Madonna and Rihanna rave about the benefits. But vitamin IVs have become available for the everyday man, as providers like SYNC Wellness bring communities like Baton Rouge the newest trend. But, are vitamin IVs merely a trend, or do they deserve a place in our self-care regimen? Let’s explore the science behind vitamin IV therapy with the experts of SYNC Wellness. 

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin IV Therapy?

One of the most significant benefits of injecting vitamins is the enhanced absorption of the vitamins into your system. With digestible vitamins, the vitamins must go through your entire digestive tract. Unfortunately, your body does not digest 100% of the vitamins and supplements. Therefore, it can be challenging to determine how much of the supplement your body digested and if you need additional supplements. 

Since vitamin infusions enter your bloodstream directly, your body gets all the nutrients. Not only do you know you are getting your money’s worth, but the absorption effects are felt rapidly. Some even report feeling a difference during or immediately after the vitamin treatment. Waiting to feel better becomes a thing of the past when you can walk away from an IV feeling better. 

What Is in Vitamin IV Therapy? 

When browsing the options of a vitamin therapy shop, you may see a menu offering aid for your immune system to the overall beauty. There are a large variety of issues targeted by vitamin IV therapy. One of the most popular and well-known reasons to seek out these services is for nausea relief during hangovers. You may be wondering how the different formulas are decided. Let’s explore two popular vitamin therapies by SYNC Wellness and break down the advantages of each injection. 

  • Energy Boost: When you need a pick-me-up, Energy Boost has your back with B Complex, Vitamin C, and Magnesium.  
    • B Complex is composed of eight different vitamins! These vitamins are the building blocks of a healthy body, and each plays an essential role in helping with an array of valuable benefits. These benefits include cell health, energy, eyesight, brain function, digestion, appetite, proper nerve function, and more.
    • Vitamin C is necessary for maintaining high energy as it helps us convert food and other fat into energy. It also protects us from getting hurt throughout our day. 
    • Magnesium also is a crucial part of converting our food into energy.
  • Beauty Glow: If you have noticed your sparkle becoming dull, Beauty Glow uses Vitamin C, B Complex, Minerals, and Glutathione to brighten it up again. 
    • Vitamin C is crucial for creating collagen, helps prevent sun damage, and brightens skin. 
    • B Complex has eight different vitamins working together to help your skin look beautiful.
    • Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps your skin fight against aging and acne while lightening dark spots. 

Want More Information? SYNC Wellness Can Help 

If you want to understand what is in vitamin therapy on a deeper level, schedule a consultation with the team at SYNC Wellness. Not only are we deeply invested in helping the Baton Rouge community avoid vitamin deficiencies, but our founder understands how to make that a reality. Angie Huff is a compound pharmacist who passionately provides patients with science-backed solutions to help them achieve their goals. Please call today to book an appointment at 225-425-SYNC (7962) or send us a message online. Don’t wait to feel better.

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6 Benefits of B12 Injections in Baton Rouge | SYNC
5 Benefits of B12 Injections in Baton Rouge

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that helps support healthy function in the body. This vitamin can promote energy production, brain health, immune system strength, and much more. If you have low B12 in your system, you may experience tiredness, hair loss, and a greater risk of illness. At SYNC Wellness, we help you achieve better wellness as quickly and simply as possible! With our B12 injections in Baton Rouge, you can access a variety of health benefits with ease. Here are six benefits you can unlock with this vitamin injection.

1. Strengthen Your Immune System

If you have a lack of vitamin B12 in your body, this may lead to a weakened immune system or autoimmune disorders such as pernicious anemia. Not only can this make it more difficult for the body to absorb vitamin B12, but this can also decrease your body’s ability to fight off viruses and illnesses. Our B12 injections deliver a concentrated dose of the vitamin to your system, promoting the production of white blood cells for added immune protection.

2. Slow Hair Loss Due to Vitamin Deficiency

For men and women, hair loss may come with age—especially if you also have B12 deficiency. While stress, diet, pregnancy, and other health conditions can contribute to hair loss, low levels of B12 can also cause a variety of physical ailments. Breathing issues, ulcers, and low energy may also accompany hair loss. If you have B12 deficiency or are interested in boosting your levels for better energy and overall wellness, visit SYNC Wellness! With quick and easy bi-weekly vitamin B12 injections, you can experience all of the amazing benefits of vitamin B12 while warding off hair loss. You may also notice an overall improvement in the quality of your hair, skin, and nails.

3. Improve Your Concentration With Better Energy Levels

Vitamin B12 shots may also provide you with better focus! B12 aids in the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. This fuels your body, increases your energy, and gives your brain what it needs for productive thinking and concentration. For those with vitamin B12 deficiency, you can benefit from a concentrated dose of this vitamin with a simple injection. And thanks to vitamin B12’s ability to improve brain function, you may notice positive changes in your cognition and memory as well.

4. Boost Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

Did you know that vitamin B12 aids in the body’s ability to convert food into fuel? With this kickstart to your energy and metabolism, you are better fueled for physical activity and weight loss. B12 deficiency can result in energy dips and less drive for exercise. But with our convenient vitamin B12 injections from SYNC Wellness in Baton Rouge, you could get the boost of energy you need to jumpstart exercise and weight loss.

5. Promote Eye Health & Stronger Vision

As we age, you may notice changes in your eyesight. From blurred or weakened vision to optic neuropathy and macular degeneration, these conditions can greatly affect your central vision. Those with vitamin B12 deficiency may develop issues with vision even faster. With preemptive use, vitamin B12 supplementation can help prevent or even reverse the effects of vision loss or other vision-related conditions.

Schedule Your B12 Injections at SYNC Wellness in Baton Rouge

Interested in vitamin B12 injections or our other wellness shots? Get in touch with SYNC Wellness today to schedule your injection. Our compound pharmacist Angie Huff can administer your vitamin shot and also recommend other methods to help promote a healthy lifestyle. For answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment with us, give us a call at 225-425-SYNC. Let us help you amplify your health!

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Why You Should Get Zinc Injections in Baton Rouge
Why You Should Get Zinc Injections in Baton Rouge

No one enjoys feeling under the weather. This is especially true once you have already started feeling under the weather. Your immune system fights around the clock to keep those moments of feeling “not so great” few and far between. However, the nonstop job of defending our health can benefit from some help. With the aid of zinc injections in Baton Rouge, you can help your body’s natural defense ward off those sick days. 

What Is Zinc? 

The mineral zinc famously helps the body defend itself, but its benefits go far beyond that. Zinc is found in every part of the body, from your organs to bodily fluids. During your body’s defense against invaders, zinc strengthens your defender cells, called T-cells. When your body is low in zinc, your T-cells become weak and leave openings for viruses to attack your body. 

In addition to helping your body stay healthy, zinc has been shown to improve brain function, physical appearance, vision, wound healing, and more. So it’s no wonder this mineral has become popular in wellness and healthy communities.

Why Are Zinc Injections in Baton Rouge So Great? 

Many people still rely on oral vitamins to receive their supplements and vitamins. While oral supplements can do wonders for your overall health, why not choose the fast-acting benefits of zinc injections? When you receive a zinc injection in Baton Rouge, the supplements are deposited directly into your bloodstream and quickly absorbed by the body. Since some of the nutrients in your oral vitamins can be lost during digestion, zinc injections offer a more fool-proof option for supplementation.  

So, while zinc injections in Baton Rouge may be more expensive than your regular supplements, you can confidently count on getting everything you need from the injection. This also means you receive quick results. 

Getting a Zinc Injection 

When you enter our doors at SYNC Wellness, you can trust that you are in good hands when you come in for a zinc injection. Our founder, Angie Huff, is a certified and experienced compound pharmacist who wants to provide the people of Baton Rouge with professional-grade supplements. We are one of the few businesses in the Gulf South offering this level of professional care. 

Our Tri-Immune injection is currently available for those wanting a zinc injection. Besides zinc, these injections include vitamin C and glutathione to keep your immune system in top shape. 

Typically, to help us understand and create a plan for your wellness goals, new clients will have a one-on-one consultation with a specialist to create a personalized wellness transformation plan. We recommend a weekly schedule for vitamin injections to receive the best results. If this sounds like a hassle, don’t worry! These injections can seamlessly be taken at home and slipped into your daily routine. Before you know it, zinc injections will be as familiar and easy as brushing your teeth. 

Give Your Body the Boost It Needs 

SYNC Wellness wants to help you maintain the physical wellness you need for your lifestyle with our zinc injections in Baton Rouge. Everyone deserves to feel their best and enjoy life to the fullest with as few sick days as possible. If you want to book a zinc injection or have questions, please reach out. You can call us at 225-425-SYNC (7962) or visit us on Perkins Road for an appointment. Our team looks forward to helping you however you need at every level of your wellness journey. 

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