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Holistic Medicine Specialists located in Baton Rouge, LA

SYNC is an integrative medicine practice that provides comprehensive holistic wellness care in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area. The experienced team, including Doctor of Pharmacy Angie Huff,  Dr. Tammy Dupuy, IFM-certified MD, and Jenny Theriot, NP, offers anti-aging, autoimmune, metabolic therapy, and primary care in one place.

Originally called Sync Wellness, the practice is growing with patient needs. Having evolved to SYNC, the practice can meet a wider range of patients’ medical issues in one place, thereby establishing the strongest health care foundation possible.

This transition reduces the need for referrals while making medical care easier and more convenient for patients.

SYNC uses advanced, science-backed medical assessments like cellular micronutrient and genetic testing and a multitude of other wellness markers to determine exactly what each patient needs to reach optimal health. The team develops a personalized wellness plan to help patients reach their specific goals. 

SYNC offers intravenous (IV) therapy, hormone optimization, micronutrient optimization, professional-grade supplements (SYNC packs), and intramuscular (IM) shots, as well as innovative therapies like mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and infrared sauna in the comfortable office.

With the personalized lifestyle plans at SYNC, patients receive one-on-one pharmacist and nurse practitioner consultation, meal planning guidance, weight loss support, pharmaceuticals and supplements tailored to their unique needs.

SYNC is welcoming new patients, so call the office or schedule an appointment using online booking today.