Month: September 2018

Category : Health, | September 17, 2018



When purchasing supplements you should be looking for professional grade supplements.

What does that mean?

Professional grade supplements have been produced under the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Processes (CGMP), and they contain what their labels say they contain.

Why should you be cautious when choosing supplements?

While we all know you could just order supplements from anywhere these days, you likely did not know a large number of them are substandard.

If supplements are not professional grade (containing the ingredients you actually want in them) then they are likely mass market brands that are considered food grade supplements, meaning ONLY that they’re ingestible for humans.

This means you could be ordering Vitamin D supplements, and in reality you could be receiving a pill that doesn’t even have Vitamin D in it.

Because these supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, there’s no guarantee that you’re actually getting what the label says, especially if you are looking to save money and get the cheapest option.

Is there anything to back this up?

A recent study conducted by a Canadian research group found that 60% of familiar store brand supplements had incorrect labeling, and more than 50% of those tested didn’t contain the ingredients advertised.

What should you take away from this?

Cheaper isn’t always better. Make sure you are looking for Professional Grade supplements every time, or you very likely could be wasting the money you are trying to save.

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